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Sim é isso mesmo a partir de hoje o reactos estará disponivel gratuitamente em cd peça pelo email só para Brasil, Argentina, Paraguai e uruguai
Soon I will be leaving this great community that is deviantart, for total lack of community support, another reason would be my entry in the ReactOS project ( and operating system online EyeOS ( There are also other reasons for my departure as site that was made for Yumifan, and the reason for my site be released from the middle part, can contact me either by my site, as by youtube (apagina20) and sourceforge (jonniv).
I remember not saved recently, you are great friends, but not the more to maintain an account on a site that does not return something productive like the comments and constructive criticism!
I'm saddened by this decision. but the decision is temporary means that it may be that I come back to the community soon.
Farewell and see you soon!
Contact me whenever you need something, yumifan has my msn and email!
(Thank you friends for these three months I was with your support, but as I explained this may be temporary and I can get back on my decision)
"Who has a friend, even one, no matter where you are, never suffer from loneliness, may die of longing, but will not be alone."
The 1st Alpha version of this game is approved and 90% complete
What is new?
Parappa versus Um jammer lammy game mode
Katy kat and Parappa game mode
Status of development of the game Parappa PC edition:
I'm currently embroiled in a part of the rule of the game stats, the first alpha of the game will be posted soon here or can be found in the forum of my site, I am looking for graphics developers to assist in the design of the characters
Correction of previous texts
Yumifan is just a little suspicious ...
Now I understand the reasons for all users find new "fakes"
Apologies for yumifan
I honestly do not understand their "anger" because of the newcomers (he told me he was pro because of a "user" (put in quotes because user also can not believe it to be true) the link from this user is whack-dat /. draw their conclusions, I am not here to judge anyone!